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The form should be filled in and adapted according to the questions. You fill in a form.

The contract will be drawn up on the basis of your answers.

You will receive a contract confirmation from us by email with all details of your contract after a thorough positive check (after 24 hours at the latest) of your submitted data.

In the attachment to this email you will also find your contract as a PDF document.


Housecare Contract


This form can be used to draw up a property management contract for the LIPARIS 3, LIPARIS 5, GILINDIRES and QUEENABA holiday homes.

By means of a property management contract, we as property managers are entrusted with the entire management of your property.

This contract also regulates, among other things, the duties and responsibilities of the property manager and his or her remuneration, etc.


Brokerage Contract

for the sale of a used property


This form can be used to draw up a contract of sale for your property in LIPARIS 3, LIPARIS 5, GILINDIRES and QUEENABA.

Now, one might think that several agents working on a sales contract at the same time could come to an agreement more quickly. However, on closer inspection, this pattern of thinking also has some disadvantages:

nvesting in property marketing from one's own account is often too risky for an agent without sole brokerage authority. Without the guarantees of an exclusive brokerage contract, brokers will be more passive about the matter.

Unfortunately, this type of contract usually leads to price erosion. Nowadays, the possibility of comparing prices is very easy. Potential buyers are sceptical when different agents offer the same property at different conditions.

This makes "your" property cheap and inflationary. According to the motto: "Several cooks spoil the broth", customers are no longer willing to pay enough.

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