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Who can buy a real estate in Turkey?

According to the law on property purchase by foreigners in Turkey enacted on January, 2006, foreign nationals (real persons) are able to acquire real estate in Turkey on the conditions of being reciprocal and complying with legal restrictions.
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Owning a real estate in Turkey brings you the following advantages

Another important criterion for making decision is the relatively low price of real estates. These will have gain greater value after a short time due to the expected demand increase and Turkey’s EU probability.
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What are the procedures I need to pay attention to when purchasing a property?

You need to have ID cards of both seller and buyer. Copies of the ID cards will be enough for you during title transfer of a property.

Also, you will need two recently taken passport size photos and father’s name.
What is to be done to transfer/assign a title of ownership?

Unlike many EU countries, transfer of title of a property is realized at the land register office only.
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How long does it take for me to be registered with the land register office?

In case a foreigner purchases a real estate in Turkey, it takes him/her 7-10 weeks to be registered with the land register office. The reason for this is that the local land register office shall do some formalities (such as application to the highest military authority within the area).
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Why the property is registered for lower than its real purchase price at the land register office?

It is common and usual in Turkey for a real estate to be registered with the land register office. This is named lower evaluation.
An increasing interest by foreigners to purchase properties in Turkey

Year on year property prices have been rising but prices for buying property in Turkey are still considerably lower than buying real estate and property for sale in other major tourist areas such as Spain and France making Turkey an ideal overseas property investment.
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